Handmade Bead Roll-on Bracelet - Tween 6"

Handmade Bead Roll-on Bracelet - Tween 6"

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Lotus Sky presents globetrotter-glam seed bead roll-on bracelets handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal by our all-woman team for daring bohemians all over the world! Alluring, compassionate, mesmerizing, and soulful, a Lotus Sky girl turns heads wherever she is and makes no apologies for being herself and living her dreams!

Sizing: Tween-szied Lotus Sky bracelets are crocheted to have an inside circumference of about 6 inches to roll over the hand and fit comfortably on most pre-teens and petite wrists. 

About the Makers

Lotus Sky and the Sisters Under One Sky Program
Through our Sisters Under One Sky Program, we train women in the Kathmandu area to crochet incredible, stackable, versatile Nepal Roll-on Bracelets. Our goal is to use social entrepreneurship to elevate the quality of life of all Lotus Sky women. We believe strenuously in education. The fact that ALL of the college-aged women on our team and over 98% of our college-aged women in our larger project are in school earning their degrees, is a testimony to the impact of viable income on life outcomes for young women who might otherwise be compelled into forced early marriage or full-time labor. Lotus Sky women are majoring in everything from business, to computer science, to management! 

We also believe in exceeding "fair trade" standards that call for a "living" wage. We believe instead in a "saveable" wage- one that pays for necessities, but ensures that money remains for investment in school, improved medical care, and community. Because when women begin investing in their communities, they transform them from the ground, up!

Lotus Sky's Charity: One Sun, One Moon
In this vast world, we are all united under one sun and one moon. Wanderlusting, exploring, girlbossing, and learning, we look up to the same sky. Lotus Sky women and all of the amazing Lotus Skyers across the globe truly are Sisters Under One Sky. 

As empowered Lotus Sky women, we want ALL women to be able to look up to the sky with hopefulness, amazement, and joy, not hopelessness and defeat. Through our Charity, One Sun, One Moon, Lotus Sky women partner with NGOs on the ground in Nepal to provide job training and skills development to young women disowned or abandoned by their families due to sexual assault, trafficking, poverty, or parental death. 

Our method is to empower with sisterhood and practical skills. These women have confronted some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable. We want them not just to gain economic power, but to realize that they are worthy, valuable human beings with the right to laugh, worship, explore, and wander under the same sky as all other human beings in this world. True sisterhood goes a long way to healing spirits, so that these women can use their new skills with confidence and purpose!


Lotus Sky bracelets are crocheted to be durable and comfortable to wear. However, as handmade items, they should be kept out of water and away from chemical cleaners. If you need to clean the surface of your bracelet, use a damp cloth to gently wipe away residue.